Prime Minister Youth Business Loan

Prime Minister’s ‘Youth Business Loan’, for young entrepreneurs between the age group of 21 – 45 years, is designed to provide subsidised financing at 8.0% mark-up per annum for one hundred thousand (100,000) beneficiaries, through designated financial institutions, initially through National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and First Women Bank Ltd. (FWBL). Small business loan with tenure up to 8 years, with first year grace period, and a debt : equity of 90 : 10 will be disbursed to SME beneficiaries across Pakistan, covering; Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). It has a 50% quota for women and 5% quota for families of Shaheeds, Widows and Disabled persons.

“Ministry of Industries and Production is the Focal Ministry for the Execution of Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loan Scheme… MoIP, through its member organisations, has taken a number of initiatives to facilitate the loan beneficiaries.”

Welcome to PASDEC

Pakistan Stone Development Company’s vision is “To make Pakistan globally competitive & socially responsible Player of the International Dimensional Stone Industry”. PASDEC is moving ahead on fast track to achieve assigned target for development of marble and granite sector of Pakistan. PASDEC short term goal is to develop Quarrying sector of Pakistan to reduce quarrying wastage from 85% to 45%. After introduction of modern technology in quarrying sector of Pakistan and due to demonstration effect of the model projects of PASDEC, quarry production will increase to a level of 2.5 million tons annually till 2011… “To Become Globally Competitive and Socially Responsible Dimension Stone Industry” In short run, PASDEC is focused on achieving one goal, extraction of “Square Blocks”. This strategy would have trickle down effects throughout the value chain of the Industry, achieving tremendous transformational impact. In the long run, the PASDEC vision for industry is to emerge as a globally competitive dimensional stone indusTrg.
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Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

Cobble Stone Manufacturing

The proposed project will produce Cobble stone product from the quarry /processing waste to sell be sold in local and international market. It will be a unique product in Pakistani…
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Marble & Granite Trading House

Large scale processing units located at Islamabad, Buner, Peshawar , Karachi and quetta need blocks from quarries for primary cutting, hence the project may sale blocks to…
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Marble and Onyx Product Manufacturing

Marble & Onyx Products Manufacturing Unit is proposed to be located at Peshawar, Mangopir, Hub, Karachi, Gujranwala, Islamabad, Lahore, Lasbela…
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Marble Mosaic Development Center

Marble mosaic products are famous worldwide for their application in construction industry as well as for decorative purposes. Promising export markets for onyx mosaic…
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Marble Tiles Manufacturing Unit

Marble Tiles Manufacturing Plant is proposed to be located at or near Marble Processing clusters of, Gujranwala, Lahore, Lasbela, Multan, Peshawar, Rawalpinidi, Rawat…
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