Agha Shahid N. Khan

ch sab

 As Chairman Board of Directors (BoD) of Pakistan Stone Development Company I feel privileged to be given this all important task of developing Marble and Granite sector.  I am also serving as Chairman of the advisory board and member of Board of Investment for Marble, Gems and Minerals mining sector of Pakistan.

The reality of sustainable development is a theme that affects all of us today. If attained, it brings prosperity through self sufficiency on one hand but on the other it demands high competitive alertness at all times. Letting your guard off any moment, slides down the graph rapidly.

There is nothing more precious than having raw material resources within a country to give a flying start to development activities that ultimately converts to competitive edge.  An amazing reality of this sector is that stones are everywhere but the rarity of type and color makes one exclusive from the other.

Pakistan boasts certain stones that are extinct elsewhere, white marble, black granite, teak wood and onyx in white, green, yellow and red are to mention a few. There are huge reserves. Others available in various countries are also in abundance. However, having raw material alone will not make us competitive. It is the way we add value and meet international standards. Being a luxury product, it fetches huge margins but keeps one on toes at all times. So compromise on sustainable quality, delivery and quantity is not an option.

Pakistan had been too much preoccupied with serving local markets. Little has been done to produce high class international exporters. Individual efforts are commendable but too little to impact the economy.

In my capacity to lead PASDEC as Chairman, I am committed to pick up the thread and lead this sector to achieve desired results in the shortest possible time. My foremost objective is to turnaround effectively not only to make PASDEC sustainable in shortest possible time but to create a lasting impact on the economy.