MOSAIC is a hidden strength of Pakistan, PASDEC wants to explore it & to reduce the poverty of richest resource areas by creating gender employment and leading a path to development.

How It Is Done?

Direct Method

In the direct method, the pieces of material are directly fixed top side up onto a base and then grouted.

Indirect Method:

In the indirect method pieces are fixed onto a net. This is (then) mounted on a firm base (marble slab) for support. The indirect method is most often used when the finished surface needs to be extremely smooth.


Objectives Of Mosaic Training

  • Women Empowerment
  • Capacity building & skill development in the art of Marble Mosaic
  • Promoting entrepreneurial culture, employment generation
  • Creation of value added products from Marble waste



Skilled manpower will maximize the profits of marble industry


Local Community Benefits

  • Empowerment through entrepreneurship development
  • Employment opportunities
  • Sustainable livelihood



Marble industry through the most potential areas of Pakistan will earn remarkable profits