Pakistan Stone Development Company (PASDEC) has established two machinery pools initially, in following areas:

Machinery Pool RisalPur (North)
Machinery Pool Gaddani (South)

These modern and up to date Machinery pools are operational and helping tremendously to reduce the Mining cost and in turn increase the productivity. The machinery is available on reasonable rates in order to facilitate production and discourage blasting techniques.

Allocation of Machinery on Rent:

1. A transparent criteria is setup for allocation of the machinery

2. Written applications are received for utilization of the machinery.

3. Applications are processed on the basis of consideration of reserves, proximity with cluster, number of days machinery needed, and data on mine owners, available with PASDEC.

Benefits: The Machinery Pool will:

  1. help miners to rent out the latest and up to date equipment and machinery, which otherwise they cannot purchase
  2. Increase the awareness among the mine owners.
  3. Provide machines to the mine owners on subsidized rental rates.
  4. Help upgraded Quarries to utilize the machinery pool effectively.