1. Application (mentioning machines required and period) on company’s letterhead or on plain paper with copies of CNIC and Mining Lease (for knowing the site location)
  2. 104 hours minimum bill will be charged every month, additional usage, up to a maximum of 208 hours per month, shall be added per hour basis
  3. Security Deposit equivalent to 2 months rent and 1-month advance rent is to be paid
  4. Transit Insurance and transportation cost (both ways) shall be borne by rentee
  5. Operator will be provided by PASDEC, food, and accommodation will be arranged by rentee
  6. Machines will be provided in maintained and good working condition and shall be returned same. Later maintenance shall be performed by rentee under direct supervision of PASDEC staff
  7. Consumables will be provided on actual cost
  8. Only engine, electronic system, and hydraulic system repair will be arranged by PASDEC, other repair work shall be the performed by rentee under the direct supervision of PASDEC staff.