ISLAMABAD: July 11, 2017

Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan Stone Development Company (PASDEC), a company established by the Ministry of Industries & Production to uplift the Marble & Granite sector of the country, Mr. Zahid Maqsood Sheikh, offered array of projects of marble and granite to Sindh Government which will have a long-lasting effect on provincial exports in particular and the country in general.

He was giving a presentation to Provincial Minister of Minerals, Mr. Sohail Anwar Khan Sial on marble and granite sector development in a meeting. He highlighted the potential of a dimensional stone sector of the Province and said that PASDEC has expertise in the development of marble and granite sector of over a decade which the company is ready to offer.

Mr. Zahid Maqsood Sheikh also brought up the matter of development of Marble City at Karachi to channelize industrialization and encourage investment in Sindh province. While discussing the matter of access to finance for the Marble and Granite Sector, the CEO PASDEC suggested to the Minister to take up the said matter with the Bank of Sindh, so that the genuine financial needs of the Sector are met, especially the BMR which can enable the Stakeholders to compete with the international market.


The Minister asked the Secretary Minerals Department, present at the meeting, to put up a proposal for consideration of the Cabinet.