PASDEC is carrying forward its vision to become globally competitive and socially responsible dimensional stone indusTrg. PASDEC has mandated to establish and develop following projects for the development of Marble and Granite Sector of Pakistan these projects are funded by PSDP.

Following are the achievements of PASDEC in short span. Status of PASDEC Projects is as under:-

Project Name

Model Quarries
Model Quarry Khuzdar – M/s Gohram Khan
Model Quarry Chitral – M/s Abul Jalil
Model Quarry – Buner – M/s Bampokha
Machinery Pools
Machinery Pool Gaddani
Machinery Pool Risalpur
Quarry Up-gradations
Quarry Up gradation-1 Mastung – M/s Saleheen
Quarry Up gradation-2 Mastung – M/s Aziz Brothers
Quarry Up gradation Mohmand Agency FATA – M/s Universal
Quarry Up gradation Buner – M/s Javed Khan
Quarry Up Gradation Loralai – M/s Bagh ud Din
11. Quarry Up gradation – Buner – M/s Salarzai
Warehouse Gaddani
Warehouse Risalpur
Marble Cities
Marble City Risalpur
Marble City FATA – Ready for Inauguration
Projects in progress
CFTC Risalpur ,Land purchased
CFTC Gaddani ,Land purchased
Marble City Loralai
Marble City Karachi
CFTC Karachi
Warehouse Karachi
Quarry Projects
Rental Machinery Project is operational in Sonda Thatta
Lease issuance to PASDEC is in process with DGMM sindh.
Granite Leases are cancelled by GoS