Project Detail

Project Name Model Quarry – Chitral
Project Start date June 2009
Mine Owner Haji Abdul Jalil
JV Partner(s) PASDEC, MOI&P, Government of Pakistan and M/s Abdul Jalil
Tonnage Produced
Color of Stone White color
Commercial Name Chitral White
Location 30Km from Chitral,KPK,Pakistan
Co-ordinates 29° 51-53’ N Lat; 66° 56-58’E

Abdul-Jalil-MiningGeographically the Chitral district can be dived into three tectonic units, the unit lying on the north west side of the Reshun fault is composed of Palepzoic metasediments which have been intruded by the Hindu Kush Granitoids. The meta sediments include the charun Quartzite, Shogram Formation,Sarikol shalesWakhan Formation,Atark unit and the isolated quartzites amd minor limestones of Ordovician age at Baroghil. The central unit between Reshun fault and the MKT is composed of Mesozoic sediments, intruded by Karakoram granitoids.

The present mine is located in the central unit. This contains rocks of Jurassic to cretaceous age.The major lithologies include the Koghuzi Greenschist , Calcareous Phyllite and Chitral slate. Extensive deposits are found at Doldeni Shiri Broze in the Chitral district. The deposits are associated with metasedimentary rocks of the Reshun Formation of Cretacous age. Dominantly white marble.

It is observed that the joints & the fractures are widely spaced and blocks big as 1.5m x1.20mx1m can easily be obtained.At places it is thinly bedded and the required blocks can not extracted. The reserves are estimated about 15 million tons.