Project Detail

Project Name Model Quarry – Khuzdar
Project Start date May 2008
Mine Owner Naseer Baloch
JV Partner(s) PASDEC, MOI&P, Government of Pakistan and Naseer Baloch
Tonnage Produced
Color of Stone Beige color
Commercial Name Limestone cream color -Verona.
Location From Khuzdar 60 km, from Naal about 30 km, Pakistan
Co-ordinates 270 40-22.98 N660 19-52.55 E

Gohram-KhanThe First Model Limestone Quarry of Pakistan is operational at Naal, Kuhzdar Baluchistan, where wire cutting technology has started operations first time in the history of Pakistan under the supervision of local and international Quarry Experts. This Project is a joint venture between PASDEC (Government of Pakistan) and local mine lease holder. The total project investment is PkRs.90 million(Euro 88,235) The average production of the quarry is about 400 tons /month. The target production of the quarry is 4000 to 5000 m3 /year of standards dimension block. Benetti Macchine S.P.A is technical consultant of the project. Khuzdar is a district of Baluchistan Province. It is rich in limestone and has one of the finest quality of stone in the world. Besides, this Province has huge reserves of Granite & Onyx.