Project Detail

Project Name Quarry Up-gradation FATA
Project Start date May 2008
Mine Owner Sultan Shahid
JV Partner(s) PASDEC, MOI&P, Government of Pakistan and M/s Universal Mining
Tonnage Produced
Color of Stone White color
Commercial Name Snow White
Location Gombate, Mohmand Agency ,KPk , Pakistan
Co-ordinates 34° 32 47.57 N ; 71° 24 42.62 E

UniversalMiningThe Mohmand Agency is an area of rugged mountains with barren slopes. General slope of the area is from north-east with an average height over 1450 meters. Ilazai is the highest peak near the Pak Afghan border. The total height of Ilazai is 2716 meters. Other important peaks are Yari sar (1929 meters ) and silai patti of Mohmand Agency. The most extensive part of the territory included in Mohmand agency lies in the glens and valleys that start from the mountains of Tartarra, south of the Kabul river, and Ilazai, north of this river, and chief among these settlements are the valleys of Shilman, Gandab, Pindiali and the banks of the Kabul river. The Mohmand settlements are generally dry and arid, water courses, raging torrents during heavy rains, usually presenting a stony and shingle bed, from slopes of barren ground lead to the rocky spurs and ranges that flanks them. Running water is hard to find in most of these valleys except Gandab and Shilman valleys.