Project Detail

Project Name Quarry Up-gradation Mastung-2
Project Start date April 2009
Mine Owner Major. (Retired) Amir
JV Partner(s) PASDEC, Major. (Retired) Amir
Tonnage Produced
Color of Stone Dark Beige
Commercial Name Kumbela Sheer Chahi
Location 40kms South of Quetta ,Baluchistan, Pakistan
Co-ordinates 29° 51-53’ N Lat; 66° 56-58’ E

Massive thick bedded limestone that forms prominent ranges and high peaks in the Axial Belt and Suliman and Kirthar provinces is named as Chiltan Limestone by hunting Survey Corporation, 1961.(Map No. 26-34 J/16). The name derived from Chiltan range South West of Quetta. The principle exposures of the Chiltan limestone are in the Northern mountain front of the flanks of the Urak synclinorium. The formation appears south of Quetta in a wide area that extends to Lat 29° N, and in narrow belt along the high ranges, which border Kachi plan and pass south to the vicinity of Karkh (Map No. 15-32 M/2). The Chiltan formation has been mapped also in the hills north of Quetta and in the belt passing from the Southeast through Ziarat (Map No. 26-39 N/11) to Dungan hill and Mazar drik (Map No. 25-39 C/5). Isolated exposures of the formation are in great anticlines near Dana Sar (Map No. 15-35)